Communion, Part 1

One of the things I love about our church is the diversity within our church community, composed of individuals from various church backgrounds or no church background but united in a shared mission to continue the ministry of restoring lives by bringing people to Jesus. 

One of the ways we come to Jesus is by partaking in the Lord’s supper together.  In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, we see at least two purposes of the practice of communion.  The first is the recognition of Jesus’ sinless perfection and humanity’s brokenness due to sin. Consequently, we ought to approach communion with an attitude of self-examination and humility. The second purpose of communion is remembrance. We all so easily forget in the busyness of life what Jesus has done for us.  As we recognize and remember Jesus, we respond in repentance, which are changes we make in our thinking and lives that reflect the reality of the body of Christ.

How is God calling you to repent today in light of Jesus’ sacrificial love for us?

Listen to this week’s worship service: “Communion, Part 1” from our current sermon series, The Body of Christ. You can also watch our worship service on Facebook.

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