The Mystique of Holy Week

How to Respond to Jesus

In the last week of his life, Jesus told some stories in the form of parables that would be controversial enough to get him killed. As you may know, that is what actually what happened. Jesus knew quite well that people responded to him differently. He also knew that their response to him as king […]

Who is this Jesus?

Palm Sunday is a dedicated time on the church calendar to remember how Jesus rode triumphantly as King into Jerusalem the week before what we celebrate as Easter. It’s important to see what Jesus was saying about himself by riding into Jerusalem on the donkey. While he tried to keep the word about him being […]

The Stone the Builders Rejected

Ever had FOMO? FOMO is the “fear of missing out.” You’re on social media, sitting at home at night on the couch with your phone in one hand and your bag of Cheetos in another … feeling sorry for yourself because you are missing out on the good life everybody else is having without you. […]

God’s Presence or Personal Productivity?

Recently, a small group of about 19 college students at Asbury Seminary lingered in their auditorium during chapel and something unexpected happened: the presence of God fell in such a powerful, transcendent way that prayer and worship broke out 24/7 for the next several weeks. It grew so much, that the town that is built […]