The Purpose of a Lot of Moving Parts

We’ve been setting up and tearing down church equipment every week for about 10 years now… which is something to be grateful for! It’s not quite 40 years, for starters. Plus, God has given us a shared purpose in building a community that brings people together – both young and old –  into his presence. […]

The No Body Problem

Like a 220,000-ton cargo ship plowing into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, death and chaos will inevitably tear us down if we’re not standing on solid ground. Jesus’ resurrection is a sign that our faith in Christ is a firm foundation to stand on in our chaotic eras. The resurrection also gives meaning to our […]

Laying it Down for Jesus

The triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday gives us a clear picture of who Jesus is:  the Messianic King who is worth lying down what is most valuable for. Jesus is the kind of king worth lying down our time, money, and energy for – and as we do so, others get […]

Church Leadership

Jesus spent the majority of the time during the weeks before his death and resurrection investing in the next generation of leaders for the church, knowing full well how important leadership is in the body of Christ. As we look at the apostle Paul writes about leadership in 1 Corinthians chapters 1-5, we learn that […]

Examining Your Experiences

One of the most overlooked factors in determining the ministry God has for us is our past experiences, particularly the hurts and problems we’ve overcome with God’s help. Our greatest life messages come out of our weaknesses, not our strengths. God never wastes a hurt.  And it’s very often that when it comes to God’s […]