A House Of Prayer With A Purpose

As I traveled to several gatherings over the past couple of weeks, I’m noticing that there is a growing sense among many church leaders that a spiritual revival is imminent in the United States. 

The time is right: we live in the midst of global tension, an epidemic of loneliness, and a lack of spiritual power and integrity in the church at large.  Despite the lull in activity during the COVID era, many people are back to “business as usual”

This Sunday, we started a new sermon series in Matthew 21 called “The Mystique of Holy Week.”  As we approach Holy Week and prepare our hearts for a Jesus revolution in our own time, we would be wise to ask ourselves if our compulsion to productivity and profitability has robbed us of a prayerful pursuit of God’s presence.

In the same way that Jesus cleared the temple, what might God be trying to clear out of your life to make more room for pursuing his presence?