Be Transformed

Transformation: a complete change in someone or something.

Everyone experiences change.  Some changes are outward, like putting on new clothes or getting older. But there are also inward changes, like becoming a more kind or hopeful person.  

Are you hoping to change something on the inside?  If so, you probably realize that inward transformation is not as easy as outward change.

The good news is that God has made a way for us to experience the best inner-life transformation possible.  About 2,000 years ago, Jesus rose from the dead and began changing people who were angry, depressed, and anxious into people who were loving, joyful, and full of peace.

One of the most influential people in history, a man referred to as the apostle Paul, experienced this kind of dramatic transformation after he encountered Jesus.

After his encounter with Jesus, Paul transformed from a pride-driven murderer to a humble leader who gave his life to helping others find new life in a relationship with Jesus.  Since his death, Paul’s writings have impacted billions of people worldwide and he wrote a lot about how genuine transformation takes place.  

Here are three things we can learn about transformation from Paul’s writings:

1) Transformation is possible when we learn what God’s will for our life is. Transformation happens when the false narratives we believe are replaced by what God says is true.  (See Romans 12:2.) The Bible helps us know what God’s will is.  If you’d like a Bible, we have one waiting for you at our Sunday service it would be yours to keep. We also teach from the Bible on Sundays.

2) The Holy Spirit gives us transformation power to become like Jesus.  (See 2 Corinthians 3:18.) You can invite the Holy Spirit into your life by placing your faith in Jesus as the one who makes inward transformation possible.   You can start by praying something like this: “God, I recognize that I need to change, but can’t do it alone.  Thank you for sending Jesus to make things right again between me and you and in my life.  Come Holy Spirit and fill me with your love and power to be transformed.”

3) Transformation happens in a loving community. (See Romans 12:3-13.) Everyone needs a loving community around them to become the person God created them to be.  At Conshohocken Vineyard Church, we offer small groups of 4-6 people to provide the support we all need to grow spiritually.  You can find more information here about how to get connected to a small group.  

If you’d like to learn more about what God has to say about transformation, join us in person the month of July for a series of talks titled “The Invitation to Transformation.”  We meet in West Conshohocken at 10:30am on Sunday mornings.  We’d love to see you there.  Click here for time and location details.