Online Giving

Venmo is an easy way to pay for things using your cellphone.  It is also free of charge to both you and CVC.
Venmo works with any cellphone that can send and receive text messages. Payments are made by texting into Venmo’s Phone Number – 646.863.9557. You can make payments to any Venmo username or any phone number in the United States. Here’s how:

Text Venmo’s phone number – 646.863.9557

“Pay 50 to conshohockenvineyard for tithe” 
Text this command to Venmo to give $50 to Conshohocken Vineyard for your weekly tithe. You don’t even need have to be on Venmo yet: if you have not yet setup your account, Venmo will send you a text message with all the information you need.

“Pay 100 to conshohockenvineyard for widows and orphans fund”
Text this command to Venmo to give $100 to Conshohocken Vineyard for a donation to the widows and orphans fund.

First Time Giver by Text Message? Text “Pay 200 to conshohockenvineyard for offering from John & Jane Smith”
Text this command to give $200 to Conshohocken Vineyard for a general offering from John and Jane Smith so we can make a note in our records for tax-deductions. After your first donation, you will be prompted to set up a username – use your full name(s) in your Venmo username (i.e. johnandjanesmith) so we can identify you for future gifts.

You can now give online to Conshohocken Vineyard Church using FaithStreet. Simply click on the link and follow prompts to set up an account.   If you choose to deposit funds from your bank account rather than using a credit card, you will only pay $0.25 per transaction, as opposed to up to 3% credit card charge.

Once online is set up, online giving is a great option for giving even when you’re traveling.  FaithStreet also gives you the ability to set up recurring giving so that it’s automatic each month. You can even login to your giving account and track your donations for the year.

FaithStreet also offers mobile giving, the easiest way to give! After a one-time setup, text donations are processed immediately.

  1. Save our church’s giving number to your contacts – 646-832-4848
  2. Text the amount you’d like to give, e.g. “25”, to the number above.
  3. Click on the link you receive, input our church’s quickcode, cvc, and fill out and submit the setup form.
  4. The next time you text an amount to the giving number, the gift will be processed immediately.