Discipleship is a slow process of character transformation, so its pursuit extends beyond our Sunday gathering and small groups. We believe it is important to provide opportunities to help people grow in specific areas based on where they are in their spiritual journey. Some people are just starting off, while others have been growing in their relationship with Jesus for some time. From the beginning, we want to be intentional about the Jesus’ call for disciples to make other disciples.

Below are some offerings at CVC to help you pursue Christ’s formation in you. To know more, please contact

Alpha: Alpha is a class designed for people who do not yet have a relationship with Jesus or who are new to faith. Over 10 weeks, the course covers the basics of the Christian faith by way of a meal, a short talk, and a small group discussion that follows. Toward the end of the Alpha course there is a “Holy Spirit Retreat”, where participants learn more about the Holy Spirit through teaching and ministry.

Baptism Class: We offer an orientation class for people interested in learning about baptism and/or deciding to commit to life with Jesus. Please see our baptism page  for more information.

Membership Class – Twice a year our church offers an opportunity for people new to our church to learn about the history, vision, mission and values of our church through as an interactive small group class, usually hosted in the homes of one of our members.  We also discuss the membership commitments that make our church what it is.  Free dinner included, and kids are welcome.  See the events page for upcoming membership class opportunities.

Prayer Ministry Training – Prayer Ministry Training is a clinic to help you learn how to cooperate with God in order to effectively minister to others through prayer.

SHAPE Class: SHAPE is an interactive learning experience to help you understand more about who God made you to be. Explore your unique personality, talents, passions and spiritual gifts so you can help others and bring meaning to your life.

Pre-Marital Counseling: We offer pre-marital counseling free of charge to attendees and members of our church community. Six personal sessions include topics such as healthy communication, money management, and Biblical sexuality.

Guitar Workshop: This is an opportunity to learn how to play guitar if you’re new to the instrument. It’ll take time and a guitar, but if you can spare two hours a week for four Saturdays in a row, you’ll be on your way to making music with friends or a way to relax on vacation.