The Journey into Mystery

There is something irresistible to the allure of unravelling a mystery.    Mysteries entice us into the journey of exploration, whether it be ancient monoliths, the elusive depths of the oceans, or in the far reaches of the cosmos.  

Perhaps the mysteries that captivate our imaginations the most beckon us from the realm of the supernatural and the battle between good and evil.  Can we tap into spiritual power beyond ourselves? Is there a God and what can be known about him?  What happens after we die? How can we overcome evil?

Throughout history, cultures from around the world and their religions, philosophers, leaders, and holy writings have proposed answers to these elusive questions. 

The best-selling and most widely distributed holy book of all time – a book that spans thousands of years– the Bible – contains clues to these supernatural mysteries.  One of the most famous books in the Bible, the book of Revelation – is so mysterious that many people have avoided it all together or dismissed it as fantasy. For many others, Revelation has been an inspiration for spectacular forms of art, books, movies, and even tattoos.

Revelation is the book of the apocalypse with epic battles, monsters, plagues, angels and demons, a dragon, and many other mysterious images and figures.  

And at the center of this cosmic drama bringing together heaven and earth is the person of Jesus, somehow taking on the form of both man and God, represented by both a lion and a lamb.  Mysteriously, Jesus’ life and death on Earth – and the ensuing spiritual renaissance that followed in his wake became a turning point in world history … defying all logic in the face a powerful and oppressive Roman empire.

Jesus is revealed in the book of Revelation as a revealer & master of life’s greatest mysteries, and in this book we see him in a way that most people don’t expect.  His appearance is startling.  His words pierce hearts and challenge our thinking.  His power stretches our imagination.  We dare you to read more about Jesus for yourself in this book. But beware: mysteries about what you read are sure to abound.

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