Sex and the Holy City

Cultural trends related to the issue of sex and sexuality have been some of the most prominent features of public debate, entertainment, and personal expression in recent years, even in the church.

Not all churches have responded in the same way to these waves of change regarding sexual ethics. Some have been combative, others have been compromising, and many have tried to ignore the issue altogether. But all of these approaches come at a cost.

Jesus models and gives us a way to engage with people with a compassionate conviction. His message to the church of Thyatira in Revelation 2 is a strong warning to believers not to compromise while inviting those who have faltered to turn back to him in faith.

Jesus knows best about how we should use our bodies because he created our bodies. When we say no to sexual sin, it glorifies God for who he is and aligns us with his plans for redeeming a broken world.