Time To Wake Up

The smallest blunders can lead to some of the greatest disasters, as history has shown us through the story of the seemingly impregnable city of Sardis, which was caught sleeping due to its complacency about enemy attacks.

In Revelation 3, Jesus gives a warning to the seemingly thriving but spiritually complacent church of Sardis, drawing parallels between the city’s fate and the looming downfall of a dying church. 

Jesus’ message to the church of Sardis sounds the alarm for us today to remain spiritually awake.  We stay awake by doing what Jesus says: to be intentional to remember what we’ve received (a relationship with God and a God-given purpose to be a light) and to repent when we realize we’ve fallen asleep. We repent by adjusting our thoughts and actions to align with Jesus and his mysterious and powerful kingdom. 

Only then, when all is said and done, will we be on the right side of history.