The Purpose of a Lot of Moving Parts

We’ve been setting up and tearing down church equipment every week for about 10 years now… which is something to be grateful for! It’s not quite 40 years, for starters. Plus, God has given us a shared purpose in building a community that brings people together – both young and old –  into his presence. The pursuit of God’s presence is worth the effort and will always continue to be.  

On the other hand, even the wandering Israelites (and Levites) eventually had a temple built and could rest from their labor in the wilderness. A time of stability in our meeting space could allow us to reallocate more resources to helping more people, especially kids and youth, encounter God and his precious presence. 

While we don’t have anything fully locked down just yet, we’re going to need all the help we can get – logistically and practically – to get to the next place God is leading us to. If you’d like to help with the moving process and didn’t have a chance to let us know, please shoot us an email at 

Listen to this week’s worship service: “The Purpose of a Lot of Moving Parts”  from our current sermon series, Moving the Tabernacle. You can also watch our worship service on Facebook.

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