Sustaining The Fatherless And The Widow

God’s heart is deeply connected to the fatherless and the widow. He saw our spiritually orphaned state and adopted us into his family. He saw our rejected state and placed us into a body of believers and as a body the entire church is betrothed to his Son, Jesus. His promise is to sustain the fatherless and the widow, and His plan is to use us to do it.

Organizations like the International Justice Mission (IJM) and Compassion International are doing good and Godly work among widows and orphans. They are worthy of our support and attention. They have documented records of integrity, honesty, and cultural sensitivity.

We can partner with God by supporting one of these organizations. We can also help widows at home by being aware of their need for company, health care, and by teaching them to avoid cyber fraud. Many elderly folks are living in a world they no longer understand. We are in a position to help them, and by doing so we participate with God’s heart and lives are transformed.