The Doors of the Kingdom

I’ll admit it – I’m a comic book nerd. I still have boxes full of Marvel comics in my closet from my comic book heyday in the mid-90s. So, the recent surge of MCU films over the past decade has made my nerd heart very happy. One of the coolest concepts within the Marvel universe is the ability to jump through time and space using cosmic portals and doorways.

In Jesus’ message to the ancient church of Philadelphia in Revelation 3, Jesus is revealed as the all-powerful cosmic key holder, and he uses this doorway language to express a very real spiritual reality.

Despite facing continual persecution, the church of Philadelphia is given an open door: an opportunity by God to advance the kingdom of God in their city. Jesus’ message to the church in Philadelphia is an encouragement for us today to ask God to open doors for sharing the gospel and to show us where the doors he’s already opened for us are.

Living a godly life committed to the gospel is not easy, so endurance is a non-negotiable for the church. Jesus promises to reward those who endure: having your name written in heaven. We can choose to live in a way that pleases ourselves or others or live in a way that glorifies God and contributes to the coming of God’s kingdom on Earth.

May the Lord bless you this week as you walk through the open doors God miraculously opens.

-Pastor Rich

P.S. Thank you to everyone who packed an Operation Christmas Child box!