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The Doors of the Kingdom

I’ll admit it – I’m a comic book nerd. I still have boxes full of Marvel comics in my closet from my comic book heyday in the mid-90s. So, the recent surge of MCU films over the past decade has made my nerd heart very happy. One of the coolest concepts within the Marvel universe […]

Time To Wake Up

The smallest blunders can lead to some of the greatest disasters, as history has shown us through the story of the seemingly impregnable city of Sardis, which was caught sleeping due to its complacency about enemy attacks. In Revelation 3, Jesus gives a warning to the seemingly thriving but spiritually complacent church of Sardis, drawing […]

Sex and the Holy City

Cultural trends related to the issue of sex and sexuality have been some of the most prominent features of public debate, entertainment, and personal expression in recent years, even in the church. Not all churches have responded in the same way to these waves of change regarding sexual ethics. Some have been combative, others have […]

The Cost of Compromise

One of the greatest threats to the ancient church in Pergamum (Revelation 2:12) was the pressure to conform to the pagan worship practices of the Roman Empire. Today, followers of Jesus continue to face the temptation to give into worldly worship practices that seem “spiritual” but lead God’s people away from him and into idolatry, […]